Chemical scope and capabilities

Water Treatment Chemicals

ASE’s professional team of chemists supports the application of the full scope of water treatment chemicals including coagulants, flocculants, as well as disinfectants and stabilization of treated water.

Subject to treatment requirements, ASE chemists will advise on specialized treatment applications including ion-exchange and alternative process solutions to ensure final 
water quality conforming national standards.

Commodity Reagents

ASE is supporting its Namibian industry and mining clients through the continuous reliable supply of commodity reagents like hydrated lime, ferric chloride, hydrochloric acid, extraction reagents, sourced throughout the world from the original manufacturers.

Direct access to the manufacturing experts will ensure
the optimal application of these reagents.

Specialty Treatment Chemicals

To ensure final product quality, ASE’s specialized products basket includes scale inhibitors, surfactants, ion-exchange resins for ion extraction applications and water treatment applications.

Expert application advice by ASE’s chemists will ensure the efficient application of activated carbon, mixed bed ion-exchange resins as well as suitable extractants.

Hach Instruments and Reagents

Since 1996, ASE has been the Namibian distributor of the Hach range of laboratory and on-line analytical instruments and reagents, supported by a substantial local stock-holding as well as trained product support engineers.