Aqua Utilities Corporation

Aqua Utilities Corporation scope and capabilities

History and Mission

Aqua Utilities Corporation was founded in 2001, joining the experience and background of Epoch Investment, Patron Investment Holding and Kumwe with Aqua Services & Engineering as technology and management partner, providing the Namibian community and industry with a specialist, that is able to raise capital, develop water and wastewater treatment facilities, operate these for an extended period thereby ensuring the efficient operation of the plants to provide final effluent to requirements and environmental standards.

AUC has developed several projects and has been operating plants throughout Namibia for the past many years, including seawater treatment and desalination plants and has been operating the wastewater treatment plants for Lüderitz Town Council, Swakopmund Town Council, Elisenheim Property Development, to name just a few.

The experience gained over the past 20 years has established AUC as a qualified and reliable partner to the Namibian community.

Operating contracts

AUC is available to establish long-term operating contracts to operate water and / or wastewater treatment systems on behalf of its clients, providing continuous feedback on operational performance, thus proving its execution control and ability.

Scope of development proposals

AUC has established a proven track record, enabling the development of water or wastewater treatment facilities on behalf of a client or community, by raising the funding, having the plants designed and constructed, to recover the incurred costs over long-term operations agreements.
This will ensure that systems are established that will conform to latest standards and be operated by expert teams, providing the community with a final effluent that can be further utilized for greening or agricultural purposes.