Maintenance Service

Operations and Maintenance Service options for on-site plant operators, scheduled site visits, plant audits, sampling and analysis and operator training services are available to ensure our clients’ water and sewage treatment plants function at an optimal standard and comply with legislated discharge limits.

Often clients’ personnel lack experience or adequate training required to operate their water treatment plants efficiently, as the operations and maintenance has such a specialized suit of expertise necessary. We offer a range of flexible options as per our client requirements and budget. 
The following standard options are available:

  • Full-time and part-time on-site plant operators
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly site visits
  • Operator training

This provides peace of mind for our clients to ensure their water and sewage treatment plants are properly operated, maintained and performing according to their design specifications and within legal discharge limits.
With our operations and maintenance services in place, we help by reducing the risk of fines and environmental upheaval caused by inconsistent plant operations and maintenance.

Our services are technology and vendor neutral, which allows us to provide services for all water and sewage treatment plants whether domestic, commercial or industrial within Namibia and beyond.